5 steps to opening your own restaurant


Discover SUBWAY

SUBWAY is the world's largest chain in restaurant count

43500 +
restaurants in 110 countries, as of 2015
670 +
restaurants in Russia, as of 2015
SUBWAY today – more than 43 500 restaurants in 110 countries. SUBWAY is a leader in the Quick Service Industry. As of today, there are more than 670 SUBWAY restaurants in Russia!

SUBWAY is the most successful franchise network in the world!

Franchising system allows entrepreneurs to work with a world-famous brand, offering high-quality product and a ready management system.

The highest quality of our products

SUBWAY brand’s success is based on our marvelous sandwiches of 30 cm (foot long) and 15 cm (6-inch), as well as salads and wraps, made to order right in front of the customer, precisely the way they want - using, variety of meat toppings, cheese and select sauces.

Explore Market

Consider for yourself what franchising opportunities are available and profitable in your area.
If there are existing SUBWAY restaurants in your city – this is your advantage. The inhabitants are familiar with the products of the restaurant – now you need to find a good location with high traffic.
Even in small towns, SUBWAY restaurants usually show high business profitability (15-20% of turnover).
If there is no SUBWAY in your city, you will have the opportunity to get the best location for a restaurant, and you can be the first to open a restaurant under the global SUBWAY brand!
Carefully and thoroughly read the frequently asked questions about the SUBWAY Franchise and the answers to them.
You can fill in a form and get a personalized consultation of your regional manager soon. We can also put you in touch with other franchisees, who have already opened a SUBWAY restaurant and are willing to share their experiences.

Select a location for your restaurant

One of the strongest competitive advantages of SUBWAY Franchise is quite flexible requirements to restaurant location:
80-120 sq.m.
In locations with a separate entrance
40-50 sq.m.
Food court locations
In addition, there must be forced-air ventilation, the availability of water, sewerage and electricity power of 30 kW.
Secure locations in your city right now. Floor plan to locate SUBWAY restaurant within your facility (engineering plan and design project) is designed by our project managers (free for you), based on the data (provided by you) on the size of premises and utilities availability, and shall be agreed with you. You shall take a direct part in the discussion of the projects at all stages of their development.

Secure Financing

Average amount of investment in a SUBWAY restaurant franchising project
You can forecast the profitability of your future Subway using information specific to the location and by consulting with existing franchisees.
7500$ (+VAT)
Initial (franchise) fee – One-time payment for the right to use the trademark, which covers the franchisor’s cost for providing the services on franchisee staff training.
8% (+VAT)
Monthly payments made by the franchisee for the use of intellectual property rights and business operating systems.
of turnover – Marketing costs:
1.5% (at the moment) – Contributions to the Russian Franchisee Advertising Fund, spent on federal advertising. 2% – Franchisee must spend on local store marketing.
You can contact our regional manager and get access to investment calculator. Fill in application form.

Work through all the details

Free Pricing

You determine the cost of dishes in your restaurant on your own, on the basis of calculated profitability, economic feasibility and our recommendations. The exceptions are regional and federal promotions.

Independent Suppliers

SUBWAY does not supply products to its franchisees, instead we find suppliers as close to your restaurant as possible to provide your customers with fresh and delicious sandwiches. However, you can apply for approval of the products from a new supplier.

Quality Training

All new franchisees take a two-week training course "Management of SUBWAY Restaurant ", where we share the experience of running restaurant business, as well as give all the necessary information and conduct workshops.

Simple Kitchen

There is no kitchen per se in SUBWAY – it is rather "cold kitchen" where the ingredients for dishes are prepared. There are minimum technical requirements. Our main equipment (refrigerators, tables and sinks, ovens for bread baking, beverage machines) can fit almost any room.
Our regional manager will send you an information package. It contains a Commercial Concession Agreement with SUBWAY Company. Read it carefully and clearly think over financing scheme of your project.